Our ski/board rack can carry one pair of skis or one snowboard or one powder surfer on one side of your snow machine. Ez-Rak was designed to mount directly to most snow machine tunnel (right or left). However if you have running board supports it's best to mount our ski/board rack to one of our tunnel racks. This raises your equipment above the tunnel clearing the running board supports.

Ski/Board Rack

  • To carry a snowboard or powder surfer, you run the straps vertical over the top of the board. To carry skis you cross the straps from one rack to the other over the top of the skis. The Ez-Rak mounts directly to the side of most snow machines tunnel (only requiring 1.5 square inch of space each). No other rack system on the market comes close to our superior mounting system, making it the most versatile rack on the market. All racks are CNC machined from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and powder coated in a UV stabilized matte black. All racks come with stainless mounting hardware and aluminum backing plates to help distribute the load and strengthen your tunnel. The racks low profile design keeps your equipment close to the machines tunnel for easy operation.